How TwoRelate Works

Have you ever wondered why a friend interrupts you or dominates a conversation? Or perhaps why a family member always wants the last word? Maybe you’ve wanted to know why people don’t seem to understand you. The answers are found in communication style – the way everyone is wired to communicate.

That’s where TwoRelate comes in. TwoRelate assesses your communication style and the style of every person who takes our survey. With that information we give you a Communication Profile and tell you how your unique personality can best communicate with and relate to any other personality that has taken our survey. It’s that simple.

If you are ready to learn more about yourself and those around you, register now. Its free, and In less than 10 minutes you can improve your relationships with friends and family simply by understanding their communication style.

Your free account allows you to:

  • Receive your Communication Profile - detailing your needs and wants.
  • View the Communication Profile of every person in your Friend’s List.
  • Match with an unlimited number of friends and receive clear, customized guidance on how to improve communication with that specific individual.
  • Take a survey of your perception of another individual and receive customized guidance on improving communication with that person.