Q. I don't know how to communicate with my spouse. He/She probably would not take the TwoRelate Survey. Can I still receive information about how to bring harmony to our relationship?
A. Absolutely! Many relationships are in conflict and lines of communication have broken down. That is why TwoRelate allows you to take a survey on another person’s behalf. To the degree that your description of that person is accurate, we can provide you with practical suggestions for reducing conflict and restoring harmony and communication in that relationship. This allows you the anonymity to take the steps for helping that relationship.

Q. Is TwoRelate a dating site?
A. No. TwoRelate is meant to help existing relationships by improving interpersonal communication.

Q. Can TwoRelate be used by businesses?
A. Yes. TwoRelate has been used by many businesses to improve communication. We also recommend viewing our site specifically devoted to workplace communication and employee development at worktraits.com.

Q. How accurate is TwoRelate?
A. TwoRelate is a scientifically designed tool, which has gone through much statistical validation to assure the most accurate description of your communication style. But let us know how well TwoRelate describes you and tell us about your experience. Contact us at mystory@tworelate.com.

Q. How many communication styles are there?
A. There are four primary communication styles. The four primary styles are:

Director - a style that is direct and powerful
Encourager - a style that is playful and fun
Facilitator - a style that is gracious and gentle
Tracker - a style that is inquisitive and precise

Within each style there are subtle differences. Those differences, and their significance to your relationships, are described in the Communication Profiles.